Radar HF Data Uses Dissemination Session

AZTI organizes a mid-day Session about  the uses of HF radar data the next April 24th, Friday, at 10:00 in Pasaia, Gipúzcoa, counting with the presence of Jeffrey D. Paduan, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey. The main goal is to inform about  potential applications of this technology to potential end-users of the Basque country, so that the contents will be focused on this purpose. The assistance is open to anyone interested.


Last February 25TH, 2015, the third meeting of the Iberian Group was held in Puerto Portals, Mallorca, organized by SOCIB. Here you can find a resume and download R&D presentation.

EGU SESSION April 2015

The new program of the EGU Session 2015, "OS2.4 Oceanography at coastal scales. Modelling, coupling and observations" is available.  Studies based on Radar HF Technology will be presented


On 1 st January 2014 began the OPERA (OPErational RAdars for research in marine sciences) project, funded by the Spanish Ministerio de Econimía y Competitividad, which main objective is to perform the necessary technical developments in order to transform the set of already active HF radar systems along the Iberian coast in a measuring network fully integrated in the Puertos del Estado system. This network will complement and improve the observation system and the operational waves and...


Next HF Radar Iberian Group Meeting will hold on 25th February,  organized by SOCIB. HF radars owners or managers, priority users and technology providers are invited to attend.  

European HF Radar Meeting (EuroGOOS, Lisbon)

An European HF Radar meeting  was held as a side event to the EuroGOOS Conference on 27th October in Lisbon, 2014. All presentations are now available to read and download here 

New HF Radar System at Ebro Delta

The system measures  the speed and direction of ocean surface currents and waves in near real time. It covers an area from Tarragona (Catalonia) to Vinaroz (Valencian Community) and 70 Km offshore. The system operates with a resolution of 3Km. The Delta del Ebro Radar System is composed of three sites. Each one of them comprises a trasmitter-receiver antenna placed near the water's edge. The sites are placed at Salou Light House facilities (Tarragona), Alfacada Beach...