On 1st January 2014 began the OPERA (OPErational RAdars for research in marine sciences) project, funded by the Spanish Ministerio de Econimía y Competitividad, which main objective is to perform the necessary technical developments in order to transform the set of already active HF radar systems along the Iberian coast in a measuring network fully integrated in the Puertos del Estado system. This network will complement and improve the observation system and the operational waves and currents prediction models already existent.

The specific objectives defined for this aim are:

- Development of an operative validation methodology for the information provided by the HF radar network of Puertos del Estado.

- Validation of the operational waves and currents prediction models of Puertos del Estado using the previously validated HF radar data.

- Development of an operative system merging both model and HF radar data.

- Use of this new system information for backtracking estimation in collaboration with Salvamento Marítimo.

The previous objectives ere expected to be fulfilled in a two years period (2014-2016).